Hello Again!

I'm LaQuanda. For over 17 years I have helped people execute their creative or professional vision. From conception to implementation, I help get things done! I am The Administrative Creative! 

grew up thinking my purpose was this one special thing I was supposed to passionately pursue until I was no longer capable...


During my relentless quest to find and pursue it, I got lost... There I was looking for this one special thing but what I found were multiple things that made me feel completely alive. Was that even supposed to happen? Having more than one passion didn't seem to fit the status quo, at least that's what I thought the time. But not today. Today, like many other multi-faceted innovators, I fully embraced my reality...

It's okay to be passionate about more than one thing! This realization is what birthed, 

"The Administrative Creative!"



I love business and I also have a deep love and admiration for the creative and performing arts! I foundeded my Non-Profit Organization Power House Ink with my Sister and Friend Nicole Stacie!  

Here are few amazing people I've worked with over the years. 

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